Columbia University, 1968

 In April 1968, students at Columbia University occupied five buildings on campus and took a class dean hostage, effectively shutting down the university for a week. The students, who were protesting Columbia’s plan to build a new gymnasium in Morningside Park as well as their affiliation with the Institute for Defense Analysis, began occupying Hamilton Hall on April 23. Later that day, the members of the Student Afro-American Society (SAS), asked the members of the predominantly white Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to leave Hamilton and occupy their own buildings, effectively segregating the protest. While members of SDS went on to Fayerweather, Avery, Mathematics, and Low, the black students in Hamilton reached out to community members in Harlem. This committee will focus on how to get necessary supplies, such as food and toiletry, reaching out to members of the Harlem community, dealing with Dean Henry Coleman, the hostage within Hamilton, and preparing for the inevitable police invasion of campus.