JCC: The Pirate Republic, 1715

The year is 1715. War in Europe has ended, and the great colonizers turn their attention westwards to a new continent, brimming with opportunity and fraught with danger. The Golden Age of Piracy is now under threat as the powers of Europe prepare their navies to exterminate the criminals of the high seas, once and for all. On Nassau, a small island in the Caribbean, the world’s most fearsome pirates gather to address this impending doom.

Pirates! Rovers of the seas, will you unite under one pirate banner, or fall to petty rivalries? Can you stand up to the likes of Spain and England’s navies to ensure your survival? Will your names forever ring across the seven seas or will you swing from the gallows?

And European Monarchs! Will you be able to stand up to the challenge of piracy and reclaim sovereignty over the seas? Can you exterminate the plague that has been hindering your ships and navigators?

It’s up to you, delegates.