Petrograd Soviet, 1917 (challenge committee)

In 1917 Russia has started to fall apart. Following the February 1917 Revolution where Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, power is now ostensibly handed to the Russian Provisional Government led by Prince Lvov and the liberal democrats. But through shifty diplomacy a rough power sharing agreement has been made between the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet. It is in this unique position that the Petrograd Soviet finds itself at the beginning of April 1917. The Soviet must face the important questions of how Russia should move forward, whether it should stay in WW1, how the Soviet should share power with the Provisional Government and who should lead the Soviet. The Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks – the two preeminent socialist parties and constituents of the Petrograd Soviet – are attempting to wrestle control of the Soviet and the country from one another. The Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) comprise a third socialist faction that is extremely popular with the peasants in rural Russian and thus the majority of Russia by extension (Russia was a majority agrarian society in 1917) and are also members of the Petrograd Soviet.

Important note: This is a challenge committee designed for experienced delegates.