Romeo and Juliet: The City of Verona


Dear delegates, welcome to this committee is based on the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. We are now several years after the death of Verona’s children. Due to the plague prevailing in the city, Verona’s population has decreased severely. Anyone alive and in power is aging while two more groups of people are entering the stage. On one side, the new bourgeoisie surfacing the city who gained their capital and land in recent years. On the other, foreigners from cities around Verona who are pouring into the city for the great opportunity of trade or even territory, now that Verona’s population is rumored to be diminshing. Meanwhile, the traditional families still have some heir left on the world like Benvolio and Valentine. Thus the three groups that have such different stance on issues would determine together the trace of development for Verona on the upcoming Verona Representative’s congress.