The Council of King Charles II, 1665

Five years into the reign of Charles II, England is yet again facing new threats. Political enemies from the Continent are conglomerating, a new disease is emerging and England’s fragile infrastructure is beginning to fracture. The combination of all these problems have resulted in growing civil unrest, especially in the capital, London. The people want stability and security, both of which have eluded the English people for far too long. After more than a decade of an uncertain government structures, the councilors of the restored monarchy need to not only protect the young king, but also hold all aspects of English society together at risk of plunging the country into yet another civil war. After all, the monarchy’s restoration under King Charles II has not eliminated the desire for an English republic. With threats from all corners, England face the possibility of collapse. As the king’s council, the future of England rests on your shoulders.