The Good Place, 2019


Disclaimer: This committee is based on a TV show, but it is only borrowing the show as a setting. The main focus of this committee is philosophy, and how different philosophers of different times would interact with each other had they been able to meet.

Spoiler alert: This committee will not assume knowledge of any part of the show past the first season. If you have not finished the first season, prepare for spoilers. In fact, there are spoilers in this description, so you should probably stop reading now.

Welcome! Everything is fine. You, esteemed delegate, are dead. Your life on Earth has ended, and you are now in the next phase of your existence in the universe. You’re in The Good Place. Except there’s a catch – this isn’t actually The Good Place. This is The Bad Place, and you were all placed here so that you could torture each other, continuously arguing and fighting over firm and intractable moral beliefs.

One of you has recently discovered this fact, and after much discussion, Michael and Sean have decided that if you can work together to design a truly “good” society, you will all be allowed into The Good Place. You must send notes and pass directives to change the world around you. If and when you have reached perfection, Michael will transfer you to The Good Place.

Best of Luck.