The Nobles of Tenochtitlan, 1501

Crisis - Challenge Committee

Prior to the invasion of Meso-America by Cortez and the Hispanic Conquistadors, the Aztec landscape was composed of various consistently warring city-states, including the Mexica, Tlaxcalan, and Tarascan empires. In the year 1501, Mexica has never been stronger: it has the largest military, the most gold, and controls most of the territory in modern-day Mexico. However, despite this military might and fearsome history, Mexica faces problems that threaten to cripple the empire from within. Inabilities to feed an acceleratingly large population, a power-hungry elite, combative neighbors, and a religious system that consistently demands more from the King threaten to end the growth that Mexica has seen in the past century. Nobles of Mexica, welcome to the chaos of an Empire that reached its zenith.  

Please note that this committee is a challenge committee, designed for more experienced delegates.