The Robot Revolution, 2050 (challenge committee)

250 years of technological progress has lead to the gradual automation of many products and industries. It’s 2050 and, by this point, robots do most manual labor and computers take care of organizational tasks. The drawback of our robot-driven society is that many humans who did these tasks are left without a source of income and a sense of meaning in life. This has led to the creation of a massive reactionary Neo-Luddite movement. They have organized into both moderate political parties and radical extremist groups. These Neo-Luddites aim to re-instantiate a world in which humans take back control of manual labor. The Neo- Luddites are not the only ones who have lost a sense of the meaning of life. New technology has allowed a small number of individuals to fully provide for themselves without any human labor leading to an existential crisis amongst many individuals who seem to lack a purpose in life (as predicted by John Maynard Keynes in 1936). For obvious reasons, these individuals do not want to relinquish their great power over the masses. Unemployment is rampant, violence is on the rise, and the economy is experiencing major woes. This committee aims to tackle questions such as: How should a society where only a few people work divide resources? How does a society encourage individuals to find a meaning of life not based in work? And even possibly: Do autonomous robots deserve rights similar to animals?

Important note: This is a challenge committee designed for experienced delegates.