United Nations Security Council

At its first held session held on January 17th, 1946 at the Church House in London England, the Security Council established its role to “investigate any dispute, or any situation which might lead to international friction or give rise to dispute,” as imprinted in Chapter 6 of the UN Charter. The success of the Security Council is not measured in its ability to quickly draft a resolution, but rather in its ability to write and continually reevaluate resolutions that seek to eliminate any future threats or instabilities in the areas of debate. Your role as delegates in the most powerful organ of the United Nations is to evaluate our response to past problems, resolve the present ones and to anticipate issues that might arise in the future. Whether in Paris, Addis Ababa, Lake Success, or New York City, members of the Security Council have and will continue to have opposing and controversial viewpoints. The safety of our nations, our cities, our communities, our families, and our children depend on this Council and the actions it chooses to take, so be bold, outgoing, thoughtful, and have some fun this CESIMS!